SONIK make electronic music in the 'Dance' genre. SONIK are Mark Cox and John Phee. SONIK enjoy punishing computers at home, and at work. SONIK never record using magnetic tape as it's a capital offence in this day and age. SONIK believe that a track isn't finished until theres a power cut, or a major hardware failure. SONIK derive pleasure from the use of electronic instruments by manufacturers such as Korg, Roland, Nord, EMU Systems and Native Instruments. SONIK affirm that computers should really be used for everything, including making tea. SONIK are based in central Scotland. SONIK have a strong dislike of Boy Bands and FM Synthesis technologies. SONIK like to play music 'live', but often find it difficult to remain on a stage for more than 15 minutes. SONIK often filter bass drum sounds in an attempt to 'ping' out the resonant frequencies of the receiving speaker system. SONIK always thought that the Roland Corporation make the best drum machines in the world. SONIK are sure that dance music becomes much more interesting when it incorporates atmospheric backing sounds. SONIK deliberately put this column of text together in such a way as to disorient potential readers. SONIK often wonder how the 'magic bullet' theory wasn't laughed out of court five minutes after it was put forward. SONIK regularly re-record tracks in order to take advantage of new ideas and styles. SONIK exploit the fact that their music is in digital form by changing the way the track is orchestrated, each and every time they play gigs. SONIK often set rhythms at between 144 and 149BPM because thats where people tend to like it. SONIK thank you for your attention in reading this page of rather confusing, condensed information about them

The Music...

The music of SONIK is derived from a very varied array of influences spanning the entire electronic music scene such as Kraftwerk, JMJ, Underworld, NIN, 808 State, Front 242, and HiGate (not to mention a million faceless dance acts.) SONIK attempts to combine many of the aspects of modern dance music with the more subtle atmospheric qualities of bands such as Kraftwerk and Underworld. With the use of ambient voice clips and soundbites, SONIK produce a laidback fusion of strong dance oriented beats, with an interesting, atmospheric backing. While always remaining focused on the rhythm element of the music, SONIK believe that the monotonic, 7 minute long type of dance track leaves many listeners disenchanted. As a remedy for this effect, the band strictly limit tracks to a maximum length of 4 minutes and always attempt to provide the listener with something different every few seconds. SONIK formed in 2001 and immediately began writing and recording their unique brand of electronic music. The band write, record and produce music for fun, and as such believe that music should be free of charge. In keeping with this philosophy, SONIK encourage others to download and distribute the music in audio and MP3 form.

SONIK enjoy playing music live and plan to do so many times during the next 12 months.

The band are currently writing new material which, they hope to play live in before 2011. These gigs will also showcase our new 'do everything on an old laptop running a realtime Linux kernel' setup which the band have developed over the last 6 months in order to realise their ambition of mixing and triggering large number of audio samples live on stage.

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